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FRIENDS! I have exciting news... after being a faithful blogger on Livejournal for almost 7 years the time has come to bid farewell. It has been great LJ, you've brought me through hard times, good times and even times of severe outage. But friends, readers, stalkers... I present to you: The new and improved 'Hooray for Comics!'.

If you have ANY feed back, suggestions, complaints, PLEASE let me know. ENJOY!
car ride!

You'll see, my arrow fly

woof! twenty days... oh my my my. So first and foremost, 15% off Coordinates

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Next, what HAVE I been doing all summer?!

Here's the first page of a story I submitted to the Food Anthology for the Boston Comics Roundtable Can't show you the whole thing cause I'm not sure if I'm in or not. But when I find out, YOU'LL get to purchase the book!

I'm currently working on 125 screen printed books for BAILLIWIK which is a super cool anthology edited by Surabhi G. and Rob! They've invited me to participate and I am!

Working up a story that only has ideas right now for the Anthology Lessons which is edited by Denise Warren and Matt Young! Two rad folks here in WRJ! LESSONS

I've been working at Tip Top my usual hours, but three weeks ago Denise and I did an all day camp with kids! Super fun but super exhausting. And speaking of super, I just finished a Superheroes and Villains camp there also.

Next up for teaching/working is I'll be interning at CCS's workshop Cartoon Studio and teaching a few Book Binding classes. booyah! Ya'll know I like nothin' more than binding some books!

ANDDDD I interviewed for an illustration position at Nomad Press (which is pretty exciting) and they've asked me to illustrate a kids book about Garbage and Recycling!

I spent a very very very excellent week in Chicago where I ate a ton of food including excellent BBQ, many sandwiches, baked goods and chai tea (THE BEST), saw Toy Story 3, caught up with oodles of friends, and most importantly attended Joey Jacks' wedding!

and last but not least,
secretly working on a new website... shhhhhhh.
car ride!

Moving my hips like Yeah!

My dearest friends... Today I'm writing you about a very near and dear topic to me, Hannah Montana.

Recently at my day job, Tip Top Pottery, I got a commission Birthday Plate. When these are picked the Birthday Kid gets to choose what they want painted on the plate. Usually it's an animal or a flower or something simple. But this very special girl who was turning 9 screamed her demand from the top of her lungs "HANNAH MONTANA!" "Are you sure you don't want something else?" I pleaded... "HANNAH MONTANA!" She shouted jumping up and down.

Now I don't pretend to know anything about Hannah Montana but during my research to find an excellent image of her, do you know what I discovered? HANNAH MONTANA IS THE SAME PERSON AS MILEY CYRUS! HOW in the WORLD do you think she was able to hide it for ALL these years?! I mean I didn't go see the movie or watch the show or anything but that girl must have had an exceedingly difficult time keeping her secret. I mean she literally would be able to enjoy the best of both worlds! And I suppose I'm not the first person to be captured by the spell of Hannah/Miley, Jen Vaughn is another cartoonist I know who has come across this phenomenon in her career as well as her friend Adam WarRock who even wrote a ballin' song inspired by and sampled from Hannah/Miley.

Needless to say I was being paid, so I created this plate, knowing full well that this "Hannah" girl was a complete and utter lie. Here's what the immortalized lie looks like on ceramics:




Once the plate is fired I'll post a picture of how it ended up looking. But for now, I leave you contemPLATE-ing the meaning of duel lives and why someone would think it's a good idea to deceive their friends... for further reading check out Jen Vaughn's in depth review of the vortex that is Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus
car ride!

I'm your biggest fan, follow you until you love me!

Here is the 4 page comic cramming as many highlights as possible of my absolutely incredible 52 hour trip to Saint Louis. Guest appearances include: Mr. Bryce Robinson (host and Mayor of STL), Mr. Cade Robinson (formally the winner of best hair 2008 and 2009), Mr. Kevin Forsberg (Voted biggest brain in the tri-state area) and a Rainbow... ENJOY!




car ride!

I'm not cryin'!

Okay so I've been scolded by a CERTAIN blog reader about the fact that there hasn't been any action on here in a while... AND this particular blog reader (love him immensely) said I'm not allowed to apologize for my absence. SO I SHAN'T. But what have I been up to... here's a list/photo montage...

1. Went on a hike with some cartoonists! (that's right, I was outdoors, and liked it... shuddup)
the hike

2. Moving into a new house! This is my room... empty, but it is now full pictures to come when it looks less scary...
new room

3. MeCAF which is the Maine Comics Art Festival. and slept in a bed with ladies. Which one is Beth!? (oh yeah, dyed my bangs pink!) bedtime!

4. Went to St. Louis to visit with my friend Bryce from SAIC (pictured next to a GIANT cup for soda!) Also saw a Rainbow... IN THE ARCH! and got to spend a few most excellent hours with my buddy Kevin from Oregon HS. (not pictured unfortunately I forgot to snag that photo op!)


hey rainbow!

And soon to be #5. you'll find out what Hannah Montana and Beth Hetland and Jen Vaughn have in common...